Your Children and Pets

Pool Safety for Children and PetsEach year, there are about 300 drownings of children 5 years of age and younger. In addition, more than 2,000 emergency room visits are reported annually arising from pool-related incidents of children in that same age group. Following the recommendations of several safety organizations, Absolute Pool Services recommends and install several levels of safety features for our customers.

Vacuum release systems — These monitor the suction of any orifice in your pool that the pump is drawing water from. When it detects the slightest change in pressure, it shuts the pump off, releasing anything or anyone that may have become entrapped.

Pool alarms — These audible alarms monitor surface water disturbances and sound an alarm when a measurable disturbance is detected, protecting pets and children. A remote transmitter is also placed inside the home, sounding an alarm to alert anyone inside of the home.

Fences — We install all types of fences, including chain link, wooden privacy, decorative iron, vinyl and aluminum. This is the most effective line of defense. A properly installed fence with safety conscious entrances, such as self closing, self latching gates will keep out anyone and anything you don’t want in your pool area.

Door and gate alarms — If your home is part of the fence barrier, door alarms are a good idea. These alarms will alert you when the door or gate is opened and someone enters the pool area.