Deluxe Pool Service

  • Conduct a water analysis and add necessary chemicals to balance and maintain ideal water chemistry in your pool. (Chemicals are included in price of service)
  • Empty all skimmer and pump baskets, clean and inspect any automatic cleaners.
  • Skim the surface of the pool.
  • Brush and clean the tile, stairs, sides and bottom of the pool.
  • Vacuum the bottom, pool stairs, and any other feature of your pool
  • Inspect all equipment including pump, motor, filter, electronics, plumbing, and anything else for any problems. (We will notify customers for approval before any repair is made. With the deluxe service all repairs under $150.00 will not be charged labor)
  • Inspect the pool for any algae growth, stain or scale development and treat as necessary.
  • Backwash the filter as needed or breakdown and clean D.E. and cartridge filters when needed.


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  • Clean the pool deck and areas around the pool including straightening and arranging pool furniture, toys, floats, etc.
  • Treat the area around the pool for pests such as fire ants, bees, wasps etc. as needed.
  • Add water if necessary to maintain a satisfactory water level in the pool
  • Keep a detailed log of water analysis, services performed, and products added to the pool.