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Pool openings and closings
Been awhile since you’ve opened your pool? Have frogs taken up permanent residence? Or do you just not have the time and resources to get your pool sparkling again? Give us a call and let the pros handle the dirty stuff. You’ll be swimming in no time.

Algae eradication
Every pool owner’s nightmare. We can handle all types of algae eradication. From a pool consuming algae bloom to those yellow spots that keep showing up on the walls and steps we’ll get rid of the algae once and for all.

Equipment installation and repair
Whether you need to update some equipment or Fido chewed a hole in it Absolute can repair and replace any part you need. (And give Fido a good talking to)

Salt system installations
Salt systems are one of the most popular upgrades in the pool industry. Let us install your new system and show you how to use it.

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Fence installation
The best line of protection you have for your pool. Our professionals can install chain link, wooden privacy, decorative iron, vinyl, and a variety of other types of fences to protect your pool and those you love.

Deck construction and repair
We have on staff the 2008 skills USA state champion carpenter who holds a carpentry degree from Gwinnett Technical College. Let us design and build that deck you’ve been dreaming of.